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28/05/18 - TapRPG 2 - 90% complete. If you are a fan of number 1, draw and send a sprite of yourself along with a couple of lines you think your npc would say. The best 3 will make it into the game.


08/05/18 - "TapRPG - The Second One" is in full swing development. The story continues with a new counterpart.  Stay tuned for teasers.

-Developer Raithen

Tap RPG 2 - The Second One, is the second installment in the series. From feedback from Homeland, this sequal is focusing a lot more on story, interaction, mysteries, and lore. TR2 is a direct continuation of the story exploring what happens after the hero saves the day. A brand new land, a new ally, and a big overlooming mystery that won't be fully revealed until the final installation.

Progress I would estimate is about 70% complete. 7 dungeons have been completed, most of the new mechanics are in without a hitch.

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Tap RPG 2 - The second one

(In production)


TapRPG - Homeland

TapRPG - Homeland is the first in the series showcasing a unique style of RPG gaming. The classic top-down overworld map leading into 2D side-scrolling hack and slash. Your hero automatically runs across the levels, but defeating the enemies is no easy task.  Level up, collect gold, spend your skill points, and prepare for the next challenge.


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Golf-o-rama & Balloon boy - fiery phoenix retro throwback games


    Every developer has to start somewhere, especially indie developers. Balloon Boy was my first attempt at creating a game start to finish. Simple pemises, tap to float upwards while gravity pulls you down while trying to squeeze through the rings.  My twist was every time the rings went past, the game would speed up. Red rings give you points, blue rings slow down the speed a fraction. Give it a go, free on Android and Apple Store.

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    Golf-O-Rama was my second attempt, a much bigger project this time. Focusing on using a physics engine, I created a different twist on the usual golf game, it was 2d side scrolling with a pinball feel. Tap and hold on the screen to choose your angle and charge the power of your shot. Release and watch the ball fly through the level, hopefully towards the goal. 24 levels of increasing elements to get through. However, it wasn't enough of a challenge, so I added a two player hot seat mode. Take it in turns hitting your own ball towards the goal in three different tournaments, each with 8 levels. No re-do's, no stroke limits, just keep going for the lowest strokes overall.

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